Meet the team committed to serving Washingtonians through financial education.
We're working toward a stronger Washington tomorrow through financial education today. Here's how we do so, and the passion behind our roles.

Sarah Schilz - Executive Director
"I have committed my life to serving those experiencing poverty and systemic injustice. Financial education is one of the most valuable gifts I have ever been given. I fundamentally believe that learning financial skills at an early age allowed me to make sound economic choices. My hope is to share this gift with others, especially those whom are most marginalized in our communities, giving them one tool to realize economic mobility."

Sarah leads the organization to build programs and strategies that reflect community needs.
Jason Rothkowitz - Program Manager
"My personal connection to the mission lies in my family's lack of financial stability as a child. My father's career in the film industry during the 1970s and 80s was typical for most professional freelancers in that you never knew when the next job would become available. We went from periods of, 'feast to famine'. As a father myself, I strive to maintain a financial stability for my family that was absent for me. Financial education is a critical expanded learning opportunity (ELO) missing in public K-12 education in Washington State. I am a firm believer in filling this need for ELO in partnership with nonprofit and community-based organizations like Financial Beginnings, and volunteers with professional expertise. Early financial education, particularly for underserved and maginalized youth, is essential to ending generational poverty in our communities. As a parent and a volunteer education advocate for over a decade, I am privileged to be able to serve our students and adult learners in the nonprofit space."

Jason facilitates the connection between class hosts and teaching volunteers and recruits and retains new class opportunities.
Jasmine Banga - Program & Volunteer Coordinator
"Growing up in an immigrant family and being the eldest sibling helped me gain a sense of responsibility. Knowing about finances and how to control them was a part of that responsibility. In school we were not taught much about finances. I cannot think of a better way to give back to my community than by providing such education that was not provided me. Being financially independent is a large part of being an adult and having a solid foundation and understanding of what that entails is equally important. I want to do my part and create change in lives where it is clear that having financial education is a start in having a successful life."

Jasmine coordinates volunteer outreach and recruitment and maintains partner relationships.
"Financial education is a critical component to help those most impacted by systemic injustices realize economic mobility!"
ED Sarah Schilz
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